How to Clean the High Pile Carpeting in 3 Minutes

Carpet cleaning

With high pile carpeting, it is crucial to keep it new for a while, and cleaning the carpet up plays a key role. This type is a bit thicker than a low pile, so you should pay more attention to this task. Let’s get started the high pile carpeting cleaning guide now!

Before cleaning, read 4 tips first

Consider the cleaning schedule

Even you have a busy timetable; I bet that you still have enough time for the chores; especially with your carpets. Check everything on your schedule and think of the right time for this task. Then, make sure that you have a premium quality vacuum cleaner and good cleansers like baking soda.

Steam your carpets

Prepare the floor tool to clean both the carpets and the floor. Steam will reduce particles and stains on the surface. This is a rapid way to refresh your carpets.

Dry them out to avoid fungus and bugs. It would be great if you do it in the spring or the summer. No matter how busy you have, you should undertake at least twice a year to keep your rugs new.

Use a dryer

If your carpet is not big, you will take it to the dryer. However, you should not use the heat. Instead, modify the air only!

Take time to find out an appropriate cleanser

How big is the stain? Is it oil-based spots or the red wine liquid? Go around the supermarket and read all brands. Read the instructions are crucial.

Additionally, you should review the customer’s feedback. If you still are not sure, you would seek an experienced person or contact a professional cleaning service in your high pile carpeting.

When the water is overfilled in the carpet, you should wipe it quickly to avoid stains and fungus later.

Vacuum the rug on a regular basis

Spend time to choose the right vacuum for high pile and soft carpets. Then, you can modify the vacuum’s head. This feature is so helpful to slide around the surface easily and you can control the suction power.

Turn over the carpet to let the underside is revealed to you. Begin vacuuming by adjusting the vacuum head. Put it on the edge of the carpet to hold it in a certain place when vacuuming. This will make slack whatever keeping dirt, dust, and debris in the fibers.

Roll the carpet and vacuum the surrounding area. Any dust and particles you fell off when vacuuming probably stays on the floor.

Open out the carpet right side up and do with the dust, dirt, and fine particles. You will keep the work up although it will be boring and arduous.

How to clean your high pile carpets in a smart way

Ice cubes and a solid brush

Even plush carpets can show wear and tear in the prolonged period of time. You probably move tables, chairs, couches, beds to new positions. And these will leave divots.

Solving with these indentations is not hard. You just put an ice cube from the fridge or the freezer into the divot. Use a hairdryer to melt it or let it be natural. However, do not set the high heat setting because your carpet will be fall!

Choose a moist cloth and an iron

Attempt a moist cloth and a steam iron is not a bad idea. Begin with the wet cloth and lay it over the carpet area. Put a hot iron on top for many seconds. This will bring out the trampled fibers to refresh the rug again.

There are lots of warnings when trying this solution. Never lay the iron in the carpet surface straightly. Even if you just do it in a few seconds, burn marks will appear!

Furthermore, you should ensure that watching the cloth out when undertaking multiple spots. It is a great combination between the water and the heat to stabilize the pile. If you miss the heat either the water, it will not work.

Use baking soda and vinegar

This is an incredible homemade method for rinsing your carpets. Both vinegar and baking soda probably reinvigorate.

Along with these, you can try a stiff brush to rub the surface. Baking soda and vinegar can remove bad smells and long-time odors because these kill bacteria totally.

Let these solvents dry overnight and vacuum the carpet. Please keep in mind that you should not use vinegar and baking soda at once. The layer is so thick and it takes a big mess to deal with.

Hire a professional

If you have no idea how to clean your high pile carpet, you will need to hire a professional. Or you find out a cleaning service agent, they will help you.

They probably ask you choosing the wet method or the dry one. The dry solution is using less water only. There is no big difference between them. Consider the local weather to select a proper way.

Final words

Cleaning or protecting your carpets is not a tough task. You just need to notice the right solutions and schedule the time. It probably is a wonderful mode of recreation too!