Necessary Accessories For your Dog


Nowadays, people treat dog as a favorite pet, a close friend and even an intimate family member. In many families, attending to the dog carefully is an important role of dog owner, and choosing suitable pet’s accessories is one of the necessary things of raising a dog. So, how to choose clothes, leash, food & water bowls and vacuum for your dog?


Not only has human’s fashion been changing day by day but clothes for pet also vary in different styles, sizes or colors. It is undeniable that your little dog will look so cute with lovely suits. Naturally, a dog was born with thick feather which may help him to keep warm in winter; however, you still need to equip suitable clothes to protect your dog in the best way.

A puppy will look so pretty in his own costume

To keep it real, a short-haired dog is more susceptible to cold virus, so it is important for a puppy to wear something in order to protect health. Small, lightweight and thin hair dog breeds like Chihuahua, Beagle or Corgi should be kept warm, especially in air-conditioned room. In this case, a warm sweater is the most appropriate choice for them.

Puppies will probably not understand the concept of “beautiful costumes”. However, through experiences of wearing clothes or meticulously tying knots to the neck, they will certainly be happy and proud of being treated as a friend and a family member.


Leash is one of the jewelries which can help your puppy look more prominent. In addition, wearing this accessory is a way of protecting the dog from unexpected dangers like thief or vehicles on road. The leash is connected to a long rope, helping dog’s owner control his pet when walking around.

Leash is useful tool to control your dog easily

In pet market, there are various choices for you to select the most suitable leash for dog. Nevertheless, it is important to choose the one with suitable size and material, avoid damage to the dog’s neck hair. The optimal solution is to use leash with zipper so that you can change the size if necessary. Moreover, adding name plate to the leash is a good ideal for naughty and active dogs. In case your pet gets lost in residential area, name plate is the helpful tool to easily and quickly find him.

Food and water bowls


You need to prepare bowls for your dog to eat and drink separately. This both teaches your puppy to use food in the right place and prevents him from eating toxic food from the thief. Stainless steel and ceramic materials are often chosen because of their endurance.

Regardless of how much you love your pet, remember not to let him eat and drink in people’s bowls because of hygienic problem.


Puppies and mature dogs have different nutritional regimes. Puppies need more protein and nutrients to develop holistically. So, you need to pay attention to nutrition information on product’s packaging. A puppy’s food should contain no more than 28% of protein and no more than 18% of fat. Besides, you should feed a puppy three to four time per day, and twice a day for a mature dog.

Like human, dog’s nutrition regime needs to be noticed to ensure a good health for your pet

Pet vacuum

Be an active pet, your dog likes to run around the house, jump in bed and other facilities. This will leave a lot of fur around, from that your house becomes unhygienic and harmful for health. Therefore, find a best pet vacuum is an necessary step in raising a dog.

Because animal fur is not like other kinds of dust which can be easily hoovered and cleaned up. You should choose pet vacuum with durable and strong machine such as Vax U88-AMM-Pe Air 3 Max Pet Upright Vacuum or Dyson DC41 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner. With a vacuum, dog’s hair is no longer a big problem with dog owner.

Those are the basic accessories needed for your dog, ensure your pet has the most convenient and comfortable life. Remember to purchase necessary things in prestigious address in order to choose accessories with good quality.