Top 10 Most Popular Mixed Breed Dogs


In search of a new dog, a mixed breed can be the best choice.

A Mixed breed dog is also known as random-bred, and mutt dog that comes from breeding various pure breeds or other mixed breeds together. The different types, shapes, coats, colors, qualities, and sizes of the dogs contend pure breed.

The dogsters can match their personalities with these famous mixed-breeds of dogs.

1. Pomeranian – Chihuahua Mix

Pomchi inherits the round eyes and head from its Pomeranian and Chihuahua parents. This breed is a small dog with an average of 4 to 10 pounds and 6 to 9 inches tall. It has pointed ears in a medium size and towards its nose-end is a muzzle. It has a long or short coat, and its color can be black, brown and white. Below are more reasons why dogsters love Pomchi:

  • Pomchi is a good-natured and affectionate dog. It is sweet and very loving. It is a perfect lap dog.
  • This kind is protective and loyal if it inherits a Pomeranian like, but it can be outgoing and stubborn if it is Chihuahua like. It is an excellent guard for the entire family because it keeps barking to wake the people even with the slightest provocation.
  • This breed is trainable as early as 12 weeks, and since this kind can be stubborn, it is imperative to ensure that it behaves well. If not, there is a possibility that this dog will be a terror.

2. Pomeranian -Australian Shepherd Mix

The Aussiepom breed originates from Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian. It has a medium size with an average weight of 10 to 30 pounds and a height of 12 to 17 inches and has a mid-length coat. Dogsters love this breed because of some reasons.

  • Aussiepom is small and active. This breed needs a daily walk, unlike big dogs that need a step at least twice a day.
  • This kind has alluring looks, color characteristics, and markings.
  • This gregarious dog does not like to be left alone for an extended period.

3. German Shepherd Husky Mix

The German Shepherd Husky Mix is also known as Gerberian Shepsky, German Husky, Siberian Shepherd, and Husky Shepherd. It is a dog blend of German shepherd and Siberian husky. This dog is a large dog with a thick and fluffy coat. It has an average of 20 to 35 inches tall and 40 to 90 pounds, with broad, wolf-like faces structure and pointed ears and blue eyes. Check its desirable qualities below.

  • This smart kind is perfect to cuddle up because of its thick and fluffy coat with a fur that can be long, short, or medium.
  • This kind is a military and police dog that work closely with the owners and learn commands quickly.
  • Dogs of this breed pull loads over a long distance. So, training this intelligent dog is comfortable.
  • This mix is a perfect partner. It is active, and loves to run, an ideal companion for exercising. It can run miles without getting tired.

4. Alaskan – Shepherd Mix

Alaskan Shepherd is a mixed Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd Dog. As of now, it is a common breed. It has an average weight of 64 to 125 pounds and 21 to 28 inches tall. Alaskan-Shepherd Mix is a favorite because of the following:

  • This kind is significant and robust. It has a massive bone and healthy muscle hence, an athletic dog.
  • It barks like a Shepherd and howls like Malamute, but it is energetic and mannered.
  • This dog can become stubborn sometimes in learning commands but highly trainable.

5. Poodle – Cavalier Mix

This mix breed is known as Cavapoo and Cavoodle, a combination of Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It weighs an average of 7 to 8 pounds 9 to 14 inches tall. People like this dog for the following reasons:

  • This breed of dog has an expressive little round face, and a coat is more like a poodle with curly and sometimes a long and wavy coat.
  • Cavapoo is a very loving, loyal, gentle, independent and intelligent dog.
    This breed is socially known as a lap dog and regarded as one of the healthiest kind.
  • Cavoodle is energetic and outgoing.

6. Chow-Husky Mix

This breed is also known as Chusky, a dog of medium to large size. It is a mixture of Chow and Siberian Husky and is very spirited and energetic. It has an average weight of 40 to 60 pounds and height of 18 to 23 inches. Its coat is dense, soft, and thick. The following are some reasons to choose Chusky:

  • This dog is low demanding, yet it needs a high amount of exercise every day to make it happy, behaved, and healthy.
  • Chusky is very spirited and energetic.
  • This mix is a kind of dog ideal to be a watchdog because it immediately barks upon seeing an intruder.

7. Bulldog-Dalmatian Mix

Bullmatian dog is half of Bulldog and a half of Dalmatian. This kind resembles all the beauty of a Dalmatian and a tough exterior of Bulldog. It is a medium to a large dog with an average weight of 45 to 55 pounds and 11 to 24 inches tall and a straight and short coat. This dog possesses the following:

  • Bullmatian is known to be charming.
  • Bulldog-Dalmatian Mix is very inquisitive about everything around and makes new friends with the other dogs quickly.
  • Bullmatians are courageous and protective.

8. Golden Retriever – Siberian Husky Mix

Goberian is a mixed breed of Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky which is becoming popular nowadays. It weighs between 35 to 75 pounds and 20 to 24 inches tall. Some of its excellent characteristics are the following:

  • Goberian dog is gentle, happy, and affectionate in nature.
  • This dog enjoys being around humans so it will develop a close bond with the owner.
  • Goberian is very active and very social and friendly.

9. Boxer – Doberman Pinscher Mix

In short, Boxerman or Boxerman Pinscher is a mix of Boxer and Doberman Pinscher with an average weight of 50 to 70 pounds and 21 to 25 inches tall with a straight, short and smooth coat. It has a large head and a strong jaw and floppy ears. Many people love this dog because of several reasons. Among these are the following:

  • Boxerman Pinscher is an excellent family dog and watchdog.
  • Boxerman is effortless to train because it is smart and learns quickly.
  • This dog loves to eat rocks. He loves to chase birds.

10. Husky – Pit bull Mix

Husky- Pit bull Mix forms Pitsky, a new mix breed from Siberian or Alaskan Husky and American Pit bull Terrier. It is a medium – size dog and usually, it weighs an average of 30 to 60 pounds and 17 to 21 inches. Many people love Pitsky because of these main reasons:

  • Pitsky is hyperactive, so an adequate attention and exercise are needed daily.
  • This kind of dog is loyal that makes an incredible bond with the owner.
  • This mix has lovely temperaments and beautiful looks.